Collection: Chromix

Chromix produce a suite of products that are just pure genius! If you have a need to better understand Colour management and delve into the inner workings of a ICC profile then the ColorThink Pro has you covered!

We could not do our job properly without ColorThink Pro in our armoury!

Curve 4 has you covered for G7 Verification and Calibration. G7 is very popular in the United States and gaining ground here in Europe.

EFI/Chromix have a White Paper on how to build G7 Compliant profiles in Fiery XF.

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10 products
  • Curve 4 Complete PC
  • Curve 4 Complete Mac
  • Curve 4 Complete X Platform (Mac and PC)
  • Curve 4 Verify for Mac
  • Curve 4 Verify for PC
  • Curve 4 Calibrate PC
  • Curve 4 Calibrate Mac
  • ColorThink Pro X-Platform Pack
  • ColorThink Pro Mac
  • ColorThink Pro Win